Fleming River/Tractor Exhibit (Map reference No 9)

This five minute walk at the Fleming River takes you into the old mill settlement to view the logging tractor that was built to haul logs along the wooden rail tracks. Cover shed with period photoes showing the hard life these people endured in the Catlins. There was a school and a large number of inhabitants in the hay day of the logging era. Now all gone and the bush is taking back the area.

The Fleming River is popular with people to go on kayaking trips.



Tautuku Peninsula (Map reference No 11)

View this from the spectacular Tautuku Bay or Florence Hill Lookout.

Tautuku Peninsula was the site of a whaling station 1839 - 1845 but is now a residential area. It is only accessible by 4 wheel drive or tractor along Tautuku Beach.



Tautuku Bay (Map reference No 12)

This is a long sandy bay fringed by forest. It is accessible by track from the area opposite the Outdoor Education Centre.

Popular for beach walking and surfing.



Boardwalk over the Tautuku Estuary: (signposted) (Map Reference No 10)

Park at the end of the road just over the Fleming River. Turn around on arrival to avoid being locked in by other vehicles. You will walk down the abandoned rail bed of a hand dug log hauler cut. The cuts criss-cross the Catlins bush and were dug by hand and excavated with a wheel barrow. Back breaking work. The boardwalk at the end of the track will lead you out to a prehistoric visa of jointed reeds and you may get lucky and see one of the small native fern birds that live in the area. Allow 30 minutes for the walk out there and back.



Surat Bay (Map reference No 24)

This is a great place to view Sea Lions, walk along the beach and enjoy yourself. A short 10-15 minute walk.

Be mindful not to get too close to the sea lions - they can move quickly. Stay about 20 metres away.

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