Nugget Point (Map reference No 27)

In 1869, the lighthouse at Nugget Point was built in an area of The Catlins that is beautiful, rugged and hearty.

The road to Nugget Point is accessed from Kaka Point and is one of The Catlins most well known sights.

If you want to have a look at the wildlife on the rocks consider a pair of binoculars – and please don’t forget your camera!

The wildlife is pretty amazing – it is the only place where you can see New Zealand Fur Seals (Kekeno in the Maori language) and there are also spotted shags, red billed gulls, Southern Sea Elephants (Ihupuku) Hooker Sea lions (rapoka) sooty shearwaters (titi) and the very rare yellow eyed penguin (hoiho). Check out Roaring Bay for the cute little yellow eyed penguins but you normally only see them at dawn or late in the afternoon.

You can park at the viewing area (toilets available) and walk to the Lighthouse.



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