McLean Falls (Map reference No 7)

A short three kilometer drive from the Southern Scenic Route on Rewcastle Road, you will be at the entrance to the McLean Falls River Walk.

A footbridge will take you over the subsidiary, Duckaday Creek, named by the early settler, McLean, who used to bathe in it from time to time. Hence the rather interesting name.

This walk follows an easy grade along the Tautuku River valley with spectacular views of the river and bush. The native trees found along the route are labelled to give the visitor a good idea of the diversity of the area.

Boardwalks and footbridges help to keep your feet dry. The path is maintained by DOC ( Department of Conservation) and is regularly gravelled.

There is a toilet block located in the parking lot.

The river walk is definitely a must see and the reward at the end of the walk is well worth the 15 minutes it takes to get there.

The McLean Falls are probably the most spectacular in the Catlins and follow a number of steep dropoffs and terraces.

You will be serenaded with the song of the native Bellbirds and Tuis,. Often a fantail will accompany you as you enjoy the scenery.

The farm you are passing through is known as: Bellbird Ranch.

Keep your speed down & watch out for stock as you drive down the no-exit road.


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