Catlins River Walk (Map reference No 17)

Time: Tawanui to Franks Creek - 2.5 hr

Franks Creek to Wallis Stream - 1.5hr

Wallis Stream to The Wisp - 1 hr

The well formed track begins at the Tawanui camping ground to follow the true left of the river. It can be walked in sections, via connecting tracks from the forestry road. However, the road can be very rough and not always suitable for the family car.

The first part of the track is through exotic forest which soon gives way to silver beech. Over its entire length the track crosses the Catlins River by swing-bridges a total of four times. Features to look out for are the threatened möhua/yellowhead, especially at the northern end of the track. At the Tawanui end many of the silver beech trees host the native mistletoe Peraxilla colensoi. In December/January it's worth looking out for this hemi-parasite's impressive scarlet flowers.

Getting there

South of Owaka on the Southern Scenic Route SH92, turn right onto Catlins Valley Road, right onto Morris Saddle Road, then left at cattle-stop.

Catlins River Walk

For guided tours ask at the Whistling Frog Cafe.

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