Cannibal Bay (Map reference No 25)

We headed East to the town of Owaka, (the place of canoe),the main centre for farming, forestry, and the fast growing tourism in the Catlins.

It is a scenic drive to the coast to Cannibal Bay and you step back in time whilst enjoying the panorama of rolling pastureland.

The area is grazed by the cute little Romney sheep. They thrive in the Catlins where winters can be cold, wet and windy!

Before you arrive in Cannibal Bay, you will head over a rise and the view is quite awe inspiring – wind torn macrocarpa trees, old farm buildings and a sea vista that will stir your soul.

Incidentally, macrocarpa trees are a really huge coniferous tree used for shelter and wind belts in New Zealand – and you will see none so spectacular as those in the south of New Zealand’s South Island.

Parking is very close to the beach so no walking was involved. You walk through the flax and on to the beach and, on the day of our visit, what should we see but a pair of courting sea lions.

Lovely big creatures, . he was dark grey and she was a paler shade of beige. They were rolling on the sand and then would get close together, almost kissing, such a wonderful sight. We had heard that you should not get closer than 20 feet , but it turned out it was 20 metres, so we had really close up views of these beautiful animals, and took some spectacular photos . So take note, it is 20 metres.

After we had spent and hour or more enjoying this magnificent sight we walked left of the entrance to some beautiful caves , not big, but truly very attractive . Lovely pools of water left by the tide and the camera was at work again.

A truly inspiring finish to a wonderful day of sight seeing in this beautiful Catlins area.

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